February 17, 2018

The BG Story

Since the beginnings of the Greene County Economic Development Group, Inc. some of our members have brought up the idea of encouraging Greene County residents to shop in Greene County. Newspaper inserts were proposed as well as ad campaigns. However no plan was submitted that caught everyone’s attention.Then in the spring of 2007 one of our members, Joe Clark of C & C Consulting Services, Inc., came up with the idea of a free business directory website advertising all the businesses in Greene County. Everyone liked the idea, but now we had to implement the idea and come up with a plan. Who would host the website, who would create it and how do we market it. Joe Clark volunteered to host the website and secured the name buygreene.org.

Marketing the plan proved to be fun for the group. First we came up with an idea to create big green dots with the initials “BG” in the middle and post them on businesses with follow up news articles explaining what they were and introduce our website. Then we decided to make it even more fun by having a contest to see if residents of Greene County could guess what the initials meant.We would run a contest to see how many people would guess what BG meant.But could we carry it off?Could we maintain secrecy till the contest was over? Now that was a challenge.

We ordered the dots from Greene County Graphics and they called us the biscuits and gravy people.We divided into teams to plaster the county with the dots asking businesses to let us “dot them” without divulging what the “BG” meant.To their credit most businesses they went along with us.Some businesses after the first ads came out actually welcomed the dot. We also asked about 4 or 5 businesses in each town if they would donate something to our prize and they gave without knowing what they were giving for.Our business members, in addition to their time, also gave toward the prize.

We set up the contest for Greene County residents only and gave people a choice to either respond to us online through our www.gcedg.org website or mail us a postcard.The response was good with lots of different guesses ranging from Boys & Girls Clubs to beautiful Greene to Billy goats. Finally on August 21 we announced our winner and unveiled this website.

We want to thank all the businesses that participated in this campaign whether it was giving us a donation to our prize, helping us with the contest or just letting us dot you.

We know that this website does not include all the businesses in Greene County. We hope those that are not included will want to be and will contact us, because this website is dedicated to you, the businesses of Greene County. Help us let people know what we have right here! BUY GREENE!!

I would like to thank the members of the Greene County Economic Development Group, Inc. for their time, efforts and contributions toward this successful campaign. Good Job!

- Sandra Schmidt, Chairman GCEDG

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